About us

Red Letter Books is a small family-run business, based in the beautiful village of Fletching, near Uckfield, in East Sussex. With personal backgrounds in journalism and graphic design, we are able to provide you with the highest quality guidance to produce your personalised ‘Life Story Book’.

Hannah Sherriffs is the interviewer and editor who will collaborate with you to gather your story and turn it into a cohesive narrative.

She has worked as a reporter for Farmers Weekly magazine, contributed to The Guardian, written numerous travel and food features, has two non-fiction books published and another due to be published in 2012 (written under her maiden name of Velten).

It was after interviewing her father and her mother-in-law about their lives that Hannah decided to offer a similar service to others. More poignantly, Hannah's brother Christian very sadly disappeared while travelling in Africa in 2003 and she wished she'd talked to him about his life story before it was too late:

'Since having my children I've been keen to record their grandparents' lives - so many family stories had been told to me as I'd grown up but I'd forgotten details and having lost many of Christian's experiences forever, I wanted to gather everything together in one place for the next (and future) generations – the books should provide my children with hours of entertainment in years to come.’

Grant Sherriffs is the book designer who will scan and enhance your photographs, and create a personal book design for your life story. Originally from Kirriemuir, Angus he moved to London in his early 20s and became an award-winning magazine designer, working on a range of titles from Golf Monthly to Mizz.

‘Other than my first day at school, one of my earliest memories is of being dragged to Sunday School, when I was about five, dressed in my kilt. A neighbour took the mickey out of me – what possessed my mum and dad, I’ll never know! And we had to sit on these hassocks, filled with horse hair, which REALLY itched the back of my legs… Absolute torture! I certainly won’t put my own son through that, although he does have a wee kilt and sporran of his own.’

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