How much will a ‘Life Story Book’ cost overall?

Because every life story is unique, it is impossible for us to cost the production of your ‘Life Story Book’ before we have received your pre-interview questionnaire, although our best-selling book costs from £3,280. This price is for three copies of a 112-page hardback book with an inside page size of 219mm x 219mm, full colour cover and pages, 50 photographs and 6 hours of interviews (an average time to gather a full life story).

We will ask for a 50% deposit once the pre-interview questionnaire has been completed and we have agreed the full cost of the ‘Life Story Book’. We will require a further 30% payment when you are happy with the text content of your book and the final 20% payment when you are happy with the text, images and design of your book, prior to printing.

Gift voucher purchases are to be paid in full before the gift pack, including the pre-interview questionnaire, is sent out. 

We accept payment by credit card and debit card via PayPal, or direct bank transfer or cheque.

The total price will include: all administration and postage costs, interviews, transcription of the interviews, editing, layout and design of your book, scanning of images and any image enhancement, proof preparation, proof reading, publication costs and three copies of your ‘Life Story Book’. To give you an idea of the time involved in producing your book, for every hour of spoken interview it takes about ten hours of work to turn those words into a polished narrative.

How far will you travel to conduct face-to-face interviews?

We are based in East Sussex, but will travel to most parts of Sussex, Surrey and Kent to conduct interviews. We can also meet you at a convenient ‘half-way house’ if preferred, otherwise telephone interviews can be conducted to any part of the UK.

How many interviews will be needed?

This completely depends on how long you wish your life history to be. Interviews will usually last for 3 hours (with a break half way through) and, on average, two sessions will be required. The break between interviews allows you to collect your thoughts.

How much control do I have over the process?

Complete control. We are here to guide you towards making the best life story possible, but you decide what to include and what to cut out during the editing phase. It goes without saying, but we value your privacy and we assure you of complete confidentiality.

What topics will you cover in the interviews?

This will depend on your answers in the pre-interview questionnaire, but generally we will ask you about: your birth and your family origins, family life and your neighbourhood during your childhood, your education, love and marriage, bringing up your children, work, your place in history, retirement, your inner beliefs, major turning points and your future.

Can you produce books to a certain deadline - for a birthday or anniversary?

We will try our hardest to meet deadlines, as long as you come to us well in advance - we can't accept work if we feel the project will be rushed and result in a poor quality life story as our reputation depends on high quality books. As a rule of thumb, the average project will take ten to fourteen weeks to complete, depending on the length of interview, the amount of editing required and time taken by you to review our work.

Who will own the copyright of your ‘Life Story Book’?

You will own all the rights to your finished book. However, if you wish to sell the book to the public then please let us know as when your book is printed it will need to have a barcode inserted on the cover and have a registered ISBN number.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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