Life Story Books

Our aim at Red Letter Books is to guide you through the process of creating an intimate life story - one in which your 'voice' will be heard and recognised by those who read your book. The following list shows how your book will be created:

  • A pre-interview questionnaire - this will provide us with some basic information about yourself and will also start to prompt your memories.
  • A series of interviews will be conducted, either face-to-face or by telephone and recorded by Dictaphone. We will help you to produce a detailed and structured account of your life story.
  • Any photographs or other visual material which you wish to be included in the book will be professionally scanned.
  • The interviews will be transcribed and lightly edited to produce a cohesive and flowing narrative using only your words.
  • Any further research will be done and all facts checked.
  • A copy of your text will be returned to you - you can either add or remove from your story yourself, or we can collaborate with you further to construct your finished story.
  • Once you are completely happy with the text content, we will insert your photographs throughout your text and design your print-ready book.
  • Before printing, you will have the final opportunity to check over your complete ‘Life Story Book’.

We are confident you will find the production of your ‘Life Story Book’ both fun and fulfilling.

You will receive three copies of your personalised hardback book. If you want further copies, these can be ordered through us. The books are printed and bound in East Sussex using superior quality paper, allowing your photographs and other memorabilia to be embedded within the text. The books come in two sizes, according to the length of your story, the number of images and your personal taste.

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