Testimonials and Samples

Below is a sample of text, which shows the first-person narrative style of our books: you can hear the client’s ‘voice’ as you read.

‘I was always damaging myself, one way and another. I don’t think I ever ended up in hospital as such. I did fall into a bonfire at Tanglewood and burned my hand - I probably did go to hospital after that as I had my hands bandaged up for a long time. And I grabbed hold of an electric fire and ... I must have been fascinated by fire! When I chewed my hand up in the lawnmower, I got another great big bandage; look, I’ve still got the scar there {indicating his right hand}. I didn’t actually break anything. I liked climbing trees, obviously. We had plenty of those to climb; they were all over the place. We had a chicken run up the end of the garden. I was always cutting myself, and I used to go into the chicken run ‘cause I didn’t like the sight of blood very much, and rub my hands in the dirt. Well, I should have had tetanus and gangrene and everything else, I should! Mother had a fit when she discovered this - ‘Why are your hands dirty as well?’ I suppose the chicken run was muddy. It was sandy soil everywhere else and it could rain and rain and rain and there weren’t many puddles...except in the corner of the drive when the drain got blocked; I remember that. We used to go and swim in the puddle! [laughing]. Water was scarce! The drive had a wall round the edge and the drain used to block up. Well, it was permanently blocked, so every time it rained heavily, there was a great flood there. Chris and I went swimming in it [laughing]; covered in pine needles and dirt! Then we used to get snow there fairly regularly, as well. Quite a lot of snow in the winter. I think we’ve got some photographs of that. We had snow suits, which were great big woolly things - we looked like mini gorillas!

We had ducks and chickens in the garden, but dogs were the main thing - we had a Schnauzer and two Springer Spaniels…that reminds me about when the garage burnt down. Mother cleaned out the dog kennels, which were next door to the old timber garage, where the canoe was. She’d taken the straw out, ‘cause the dogs were on straw, and she burned it outside to get rid of the fleas, and the dog kennel went up and the whole of this garage, which was literally within twelve foot of the house. And there were flames...I don’t know, they seemed huge to me...they were probably thirty foot high [laughing] right next door to the house! And, luckily, the house didn’t catch fire, but it made the windows so hot that all the glass dribbled out. We had the fire engine there, and I remember the Old Man giving them all beer afterwards, when the fire was out. I must have been nearly eight years old then. I don’t really remember dates off-hand [laughing]; my early memory’s appalling!’


‘I was given the chance to record my life story as a gift from my daughter and her husband. To be honest, I wasn’t overwhelmed at the prospect of a) being interviewed by someone I didn’t know and b) of talking about myself for hours. I regard myself as a conservative person, who likes to stay in the background, and I didn’t think that I’d have that much to say. But, despite my misgivings, I quite enjoyed the whole interview process – it was interesting to see how much I remembered after being prompted by Hannah. Because I didn’t know much about my own father’s family I can see the value in having a life story recorded; I wish now that I’d asked my parents more about the family, because it’s too late now. I didn’t really have any ideas about how my book would turn out (I certainly didn’t have any ideas about design), but I was surprised at how professional it looked, with all my favourite photographs dotted throughout the text. Many thanks for this unique gift.’ RH Hailsham, Sussex

‘Just to let you know that I’ve received my books in the post. They look fantastic and nothing like I would have produced if I’d struggled on with my old typewriter! Just what I was hoping for – and no doubt what the boys wanted after all their badgering. I’m going to present them all with a copy at my birthday luncheon – I bet they won’t be expecting a gift for themselves! Hopefully, the extended family (and any other future grandchildren – fingers crossed!) will enjoy looking through to see that I wasn’t always ‘Mum’ and ‘Granny’, and actually had rather an exciting life. Best wishes and thank you again for the enjoyable experience.’ GF Goudhurst, Kent

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